MOCO is a web-based ERP solution that optimizes business processes through flexibility, transparency and efficiency.

Project Management
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Brief description

MOCO is your reliable companion in the world of Enterprise Resource Planning, whose main goal is to optimize your business. With MOCO, you will experience a new level of flexibility that simplifies your processes while increasing transparency and efficiency in your business. This is not just software, it is a dynamic solution that can revolutionize your daily work. All the benefits of an all-in-one system are seamlessly combined with the ease of use of individual tools. MOCO is web-based and platform-independent and enables real-time access to financial, personnel and project information from anywhere and at any time.




  • Versatile integrations: MOCO offers seamless integrations with tools like calendars, Slack, Trello and DATEV.
  • Customization: It adapts perfectly to meet your unique business needs and processes.
  • Data security and GDPR compliance: MOCO allows you to securely manage and export data in full compliance with GDPR guidelines
  • Proven success stories: There is a growing community of satisfied users who praise MOCO's reliability and efficiency.
  • Continuous innovation: It is constantly working to provide practical solutions that adapt to your ever-changing needs.

The advantages of MOCO

  • Efficient project management: Centralize the project overview and simplify the creation, adjustment, control and invoicing of projects.
  • Invoice management: Create invoices in the company design and manage the entire invoicing process.
  • Customized integrations: MOCO customizes to implement integrations via API, webhooks and tools like Zapier.
  • Capacity planning: Long-term planning and optimization of capacity utilization.
  • Time tracking and control of working hours: Complete overview of project and working hours.

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Process automation: how it works

Examples for MOCO

  • Personnel management: Manage employee data, vacation costs and time recording.
  • Acquisition and sales: Use MOCO to track leads, create quotations and delivery bills.
  • Financial management: Record incoming invoices, manage fixed costs and export data for accounting.
  • Contact management and CRM: Simplified management of customer and business contacts.

MOCO and Bexio integration

Integrate MOCO and Bexio to increase productivity and optimize your processes. Our integration tool Make connects these two powerful applications and allows you to effortlessly automate repetitive tasks, reduce manual effort and improve collaboration within your team.