Automation of business processes and customer journeys

Our expertise promotes the expansion of your company. Efficient automation & process optimization increase productivity and success.

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Get the best out of your automation project

Automation - the future of your company. Replace manual processes, increase efficiency and minimize costs. From routine tasks to complex processes - we'll get you ahead.


The path to efficiency: Starting with the digitalization of processes, we analyze to create an optimal, automated organization.


Our automation solutions give you valuable time for what matters most to you: be it strategic thinking, business growth or simply more moments with family and friends - the choice is yours!


Find out how our automation solutions can help your company grow in many ways: They increase productivity while enabling investment in further development and expansion.

Customized solutions for your company

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Our analysis and process improvement in detail

We understand that every company has unique requirements. Therefore, we start with a comprehensive analysis to identify the specific challenges. In the second step, we overcome these obstacles and develop customized solutions. Our in-depth process analysis allows us to find efficient improvement opportunities and propose an optimized digital workflow for your business.

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Can our processes be automated? Arrange a free initial consultation with us. We will advise you and offer our expertise.

Experience automation

Enge Zusammenarbeit für optimale Ergebnisse

Unsere enge Zusammenarbeit mit dir während des gesamten Projekts ist uns besonders wichtig. So gewährleisten wir, dass das Endergebnis deinen Erwartungen entspricht. Wir entwickeln neue Lösungen, optimieren deine Systeme, gestalten effiziente Workflows und integrieren maßgeschneiderte Anwendungen. Anschließend implementieren wir automatisierte Abläufe, die deine Geschäftsprozesse nachhaltig optimieren und unterstützen.


Können unsere Prozesse automatisiert werden? Vereinbare ein kostenloses Erstgespräch mit uns. Wir beraten dich und bieten unsere Expertise an.


Unsere Analyse für bessere Arbeitsabläufe

Ein Projekt ist nur so stark wie seine Vorbereitung. Deshalb identifizieren und analysieren wir im ersten Schritt die individuellen Herausforderungen. Im zweiten Schritt überwinden wir sie. Unsere tiefgreifende Prozessanalyse ermöglicht uns, effiziente Verbesserungsmöglichkeiten zu finden und einen optimierten digitalen Workflow vorzuschlagen.


Automatisierung hilft im Vertrieb insbesondere dabei, administrative Aufgaben, Datenpflege und standardisierte Kommunikation zu übernehmen.

Erlebe Automatisierung

Eine individuelle Analyse ebnet den Weg

Ein Projekt ist nur so gut wie seine Vorbereitung. Deshalb identifizieren und analysieren wir im ersten Schritt die Herausforderungen. Im zweiten Schritt überwinden wir sie. Wir führen eine tiefgreifende Prozessanalyse durch, finden Verbesserungsmöglichkeiten und schlagen einen verbesserten digitalen Workflow vor.


Automatisierung hilft im Vertrieb insbesondere dabei, administrative Aufgaben, Datenpflege und standardisierte Kommunikation zu übernehmen.

Erlebe Automatisierung

Process automation: how it works

Whether a customer journey or a specific requirement. We analyze your process and give you ideas on how you can use automation to your advantage. Automate more together. We focus on your individual requirements. With our experience from numerous successful automation projects, we will find exactly the solution that suits you.


Our mission is to show you the many possibilities of business process automation. We will take you on the path to automation and explain the project process in detail.


At wemakefuture, we focus on the development of your process automation. We use iterative and agile methods to design automated business processes.

Rollout of automation

The rollout of automation involves changes that we understand and accompany you throughout the entire process.


Our support during the evaluation aims to pass on our knowledge to you and lead you into an independent IT situation.

Preparing for the digital age

The digital machine age

How do companies become fit for the machine age?

Digital analysis

A complete, company-wide digital analysis and audit. Find the digital strength of your employees and define a digital and automation strategy to get a clear understanding of your business. We often find companies do not have a consistent and clear digital strategy, we are happy to help develop this during our analysis.

Digital products

Digital transformation is not just about implementing digital platforms and cutting-edge technologies - it's about achieving growth by committing to the principles of the digital age (AI, automation and robotics).

Digital organization

Companies that successfully meet the challenge of digital transformation are digitally evolved companies. You use digital transformation to be relevant to customers and grow in the long term.

Difference between digitalisation and automation?

Digitization is the first step towards automation. This term has various meanings, but is often used to refer to the conversion of analog documents and processes into digital form, such as scanning files or invoices. Digitization refers to the use of digital technologies to transform a business model and create new opportunities to increase revenue and value. It is the process of transitioning to a digital business.  Automation, on the other hand, describes the ability to operate these technologies without interaction and media disruptions (even without human employees).

Take employees with you

Digital transformation is not just a question of technology, but also of employees. Through automation, you can identify the digital strengths and weaknesses of your team and act successfully. In collaboration with our partner, Plattformer, we also offer digital training and education.

Revenue and profit

Let's analyse these figures further using a hypothetical DAX 30 company. Let's assume an average company has around 50 employees and a managing director. These employees earn on average 50,000 euros per year, while managing directors earn 150,000 euros per year. Through automation, employees can offer annual savings of around 6,000 euros.  This is a crucial moment for companies and managers. How are you shaping the future? Automation and AI continue to change the way we do business. Companies and employees need to proactively adapt and grow together as technology evolves.  Since the first stone tools, technological advances have been an expression of our ingenuity. With automation and AI, organisations can increase productivity and give employees more time for career development.

Automate. Improve. Be successful.

Automate. Improve. Be successful.

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