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Trello is a powerful project management tool that makes it easy to organize projects and tasks into boards and present important information to team members. The boards are designed according to the agile Kanban principle to visualize tasks and increase efficiency in the workflow.

Trello makes it easy to create and prioritize to-do lists. You have the choice of designing a new board from scratch or selecting from the many different templates. The list or column names can be assigned as desired and individual cards can be expanded as required. Cards that have been created can simply be dragged to the appropriate place with the mouse to organize them.

Any number of people can be added to a board to facilitate collaboration. Members can work on the board, create, edit and move tickets simultaneously. Trello also offers a variety of power-ups to extend functionality, including integrations with Google Drive and other apps.




  • When you combine Trello with other apps, it takes your project management to the next level. Automatically create new boards when sales reps complete a new project and automatically notify customers of new or completed tickets. Integrate Trello with a mail app like Outlook or GMail and automatically notify your customers and stakeholders when tasks and projects are completed.
  • With Trello, you can easily and efficiently organize projects and tasks and present important information to team members. Create to-do lists, use power-ups and integrate Trello with other apps to optimize your project management.

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Process automation: how it works

Here are some examples of how to use Trello:

  1. Project management: Use Trello to organize projects and assign tasks. Create a board for each project and add team members to ensure smooth collaboration.
  2. Agile development: Use Trello to simplify the agile development process. Create boards for backlogs, sprints and burndown charts to encourage teamwork and increase efficiency.
  3. Event planning: Organize events with the help of Trello. Create a board for planning, including to-do lists, guest lists and budgets to ensure everything runs smoothly.
  4. Content planning: Use Trello to simplify content planning and creation. Create a board for each project, including to-do lists, ideas and deadlines to ensure everything is completed on time.
  5. People management: Use Trello to simplify people management. Create a board for each employee, including to-do lists, feedback and objectives to ensure each employee is on track.

With Trello, you can easily organize projects and tasks to increase your productivity and achieve your goals.