Add OpenAI in Zapier

Add OpenAI in Zapier

7 Ways to Automate AI Tools

If there has been one topic that was polarizing the tech world in the last year, it was definitively artificial intelligence. With endless possibilities, we are just beginning to understand and find out how to use OpenAI in our favor. Combined with Zapier, you can automate open artificial intelligence in order to benefit your workflows.    

What Kind of AI Tools Are Available?

As of today, OpenAi offers three AI-powered tools that can generate content and hold conversations with people.  

  • Chat GPT: The Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer can answer questions, create written content and engage in humanlike dialogue.  
  • DALL-E: Given a descriptive text, this AI tool can generate photo like images and art pieces  
  • Whisper: The AI system with multilingual transcription, identification, and translation capabilities.  

How does Zapier work?

The no-code automation tool can help you create efficient workflows with the integration of more than 5000 apps. Your apps get connected through automated workflows, called Zaps, consisting in a trigger and one or more actions.  

Trigger The Power of AI

While OpenAI can undoubtedly provide a lot of value to your work, it still needs directions and orders to function properly. When automated with Zapier, these orders are given automatically, eliminating the need to manually instruct the AI tools. This allows a fast, advanced workflow, unlocking the potential of automated AI.  

Discover seven effective ways how to use OpenAI in Zapier and the apps you can pair it with:  

  1. OpenAI + Slack, Gmail, Airtable, Google forms, Google sheets

Images can be generated based on design briefs, created from records or messages, and sent by email or a channel.

  1. OpenAI + Slack, Evernote

Create and distribute notifications for the team, summarizing meeting minutes with the open AI text generator.

  1. OpenAI + mail, Woodpecker, sendSMS, Twilio

Customer communication gets streamlined by having OpenAI write appropriate messages to your customer. The content of the messages depends on the customers need or the position in the sales funnel, with the zaps then triggering the outreach.  

  1. OpenAI + Trello, Google Sheets, Typeform, Slack, Wordpress

Taking the weight of marketing task off your shoulders, OpenAI can manage lead scoring or generate product descriptions.  

  1. OpenAI + Trello, Google Sheets, Slack, Todoist, Gmail, Zenkit

Make the most out of your to do lists by having OpenAI completing information, setting reminders or creating summaries.  

  1. OpenAI + Jira, Webhooks

The Zapp adds extra information in the form of acceptance criteria to product and customer support tickets.  

  1. OpenAI + Dropbox, Slack, Google Sheets

Don’t bother with translating, transcribing or summarizing audio files again and let OpenAI do the job.  

Why You Should Automate AI for Your Business

As you can see, automating AI-powered tools with Zappier can help you streamline workflows, save time and provide real value across different areas like marketing, product management and customer support.

Learn more about how to make your day-to-day more effective and start your automation journey with us!

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