Intro to Microsoft Power BI

Intro to Microsoft Power BI

Many people find data analysis and visualization challenges, but with the right tools, it doesn’t have to be.  Microsoft Power BI is a set of pre-built analytical tools that is simple to use and understand. It incorporates many features of other data visualization software such as Tableau and Google Data Studio, but has a user-friendly interface with an accessible learning curve that makes it easy for anyone to use.

What Is Power BI and How Does It Work?

Microsoft Power BI is a business intelligence (BI) solution that lets you visualize and analyze your data interactively. Power BI allows you to import data from cloud and on-premises sources and create dashboards that track the metrics most important to you. In some cases, you may even dive deep into your data. In addition to managing data, Power BI can prepare and manage high-quality data for use in other tools, including low-code apps.  

Power BI manages data in two main places:

- Data provided by users is usually sent to Azure Blob Storage.

- All metadata and objects for the system itself are stored in Azure SQL Database.

You can use Power BI Desktop to:

  1. Connect to data from a variety of sources.
  1. Query the data to create intelligent, persuasive data models.
  1. Create visualizations and reports using the data models.
  1. Share your report files with others so that they may be used, built upon, and shared. Power BI Desktop may be shared.  

Why Use Power BI?

There are many benefits to using Power BI over other visualization tools. Firstly, it is simple and easy to use. Unlike other visualization tools such as Tableau or QlikView, Power BI doesn’t require a detailed knowledge of statistics or programming to use. This implies that anyone with a basic understanding of Microsoft Excel can utilize Power BI to discover insights in their data. Power BI is simple to use and has an intuitive design. You can also quickly construct visuals that illustrate your data across time using Power BI. This makes it easy to track trends and discover patterns in your data over certain periods.

Key Features of Power BI

Here are some key features of Power Bi, that can give you a better understanding of the system.  

Desktop Power PI

Power BI Desktop is free software that you can download and install to create reports by conveniently accessing data. You do not require complex report design or query expertise to create a report using Power BI desktop.  

Stream Analytics for Power BI

The key benefit of Power BI is its capabilities for stream analytics. Power BI supports with real-time analytics to make fast choices, from manufacturing sensors to social media sources.

Multiple Data Sources for Power BI

One of the most important aspects of Power BI is its support for many data sources; you can access data from Excel, CSV, SQL Server, Web files, and other sources to build interactive representations.

Custom Visualization

Power BI includes a large number of pre-built visuals as well as the ability to alter current ones or pick from an ever-expanding library of in-built visualizations. It is possible to build excellent dashboards or use prepared templates too. In Power BI, you can construct a dashboard by pinning visuals from BI reports created using the Power BI desktop. If you want to learn more about dashboards, read our latest post here.

Power BI pricing

Power BI Desktop is free for individuals who are not ready to invest in a premium Power BI subscription. This package includes programs that assist users in creating their own interactive visual analytics reports. Furthermore, Microsoft offers a free Power BI trial, which is a good alternative for anyone who wants to learn more about Power BI before purchasing the product.

For those, who are interested in purchasing Power Bi, there are two packages available:

  • Power BI Pro for $10/month
  • Power BI Premium for $20/month
Microsoft Power BI pricing 2024


Power BI is a useful tool for data analysis, visualization, and discovery. It is easy to use and has many useful features. It also is pre-built with many templates that are easy to customize to your data. Power BI is a great choice if you are looking for a tool that is easy to understand and a great way to discover insights in your data.

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