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Make App Developer

Make App Developer

Do you know this situation: You develop an automation in Make or plan to develop one and then realize that your app is not supported at all? Only webhooks or HTTP requests are possible, but not the entire tool? This situation is really annoying and we know it very well: customers use specific tools that are not (yet) supported by Make .

Of course, we could wait until the app is launched and try to speed up the process using Integromat's request function. Or we could build the app ourselves. This is usually much faster and more flexible: we can connect the API endpoints that we know are particularly relevant.

As Make app developers, we have already developed and launched various apps, from payment providers and accounting tools to code apps for JavaScript and Python. But there is also a problem: nobody knows about it.  

This can lead to parallel developments, for example because other freelancers had the same idea or because Integromat has launched the same app in the meantime. This is exactly why we have developed our Here we offer the apps for Make and other automation platforms that we ourselves, as Make app developers, but also other developers, have already released. Here we give you a small overview of the apps we have released so far.  

Payment services

GoCardless App for Make

GoCardless is a payment service that enables one-time and recurring payments. It is particularly popular for simple online payment processing. This is exactly why GoCardless should be ideally linked to your accounting. The functions include clients, mandates and payments.

Vosfactures App for Make

Vosfactures is a French invoicing software for personalized receipts. Thanks to our Vosfactures app for Make, invoices can be created, documents edited or contacts managed automatically.


Accounting is perhaps the area in which we have already automated the most projects. Why is that? We explain it by saying that no one really enjoys accounting. And since the entire area is highly standardized and regulated, it also lends itself perfectly to automation. SMEs in particular often do part of their bookkeeping themselves, which is then handed over to tax consultants. There is a lot of software that supports this. We have already developed an Make app for some of them.

Easybill App for Make

Easybill is an accounting software specialized for the German market. It maps invoices, offers, incoming payments and receipts and can be ideally integrated with your online shop. With our easybill app for Make, numerous actions can be carried out in easybill. These include documents, customers, positions, attachments, receipts and invoices. These can be deleted, created, reused or updated and thus simplify your accounting.

sevDesk App for Make

With sevDesk you can easily do your accounting yourself. You can write invoices and digitize receipts easily. And now sevDesk is also available for Make. The popular accounting software has not yet been available as an app for Make. In sevDesk you can also automatically receive invoices, create documents, call up users or create contacts.

bexio App for Make

bexio also offers accounting, but describes itself as business software. Because bexio can not only do invoicing, but also contact management, project and time recording, warehouse and product management. Thanks to our bexio app for Make, you can automate invoicing, create and automate customers, manage contacts or, of course, make an API call.  


One of the greatest strengths of Make is that it does not require any code and can therefore also be used by people who have no programming knowledge. But this can sometimes also be a weakness. Because with just a little bit of code, more can often be realized. This is exactly why we have developed the two Make apps below.

JavaScript App for Make

JavaScript is powerful. Especially in automation. That's exactly what our JavaScript app for Make is for. You can run JavaScript in your automations - simple as that.

Python App for Make

The same applies to our Python app for Make. Because Python can also be very helpful sometimes when we want to integrate processes comprehensively. Just add your code to the Python app and it will be executed.  

Individual apps for Make

Ever feel like you need a certain app that's not on your favorite platform? Because we've seen it a thousand times. Requests are responded to slowly or not at all, throwing your schedule backwards. That's why we created, the place for helpful apps and custom integration. is the platform for all those who are looking for further apps or have developed one and would like to offer it.  

You need a specific Make app and need someone to develop it for you? Feel free to contact us and ideally send us the app with the link to the API documentation. We develop Make apps on demand and individually.

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