Updated CRM

Updated CRM

A CRM system is probably the heart of your business, or at least hugely important to its smooth running. No matter how comprehensive, complex or simple, a good CRM helps you keep up to date, capture leads, identify potential leads and manage your activities.  

One challenge here is to always keep the CRM up to date. Changes and new information and data are constantly being added to the company in many different places. Keeping your CRM system up to date is essential to protect or grow your business, whether it's doing particularly well or there is uncertainty.  

We show why a modern CRM system is so important and why its automation is indispensable.

In order for a CRM to offer exactly what it is supposed to, namely overview and organization, it is of particular importance to maintain it. However, this is a task that tends to be neglected even in the best of times. In the course of the current economic changes and uncertainties, it is more important than ever to keep your CRM system up to date.

Why an Updated CRM Helps You Move Your Business Forward

The current crisis is hitting different sectors and companies differently. Especially if you have clients from different industries, it quickly becomes confusing who is having problems and who will get back on their feet faster. The hard-hit arts, culture and entertainment industry in particular could take up to five years to recover from the Corona crisis, according to McKinsey . Other sectors, such as online retail, have actually benefited from the crisis. Accordingly, your customers will react very differently to the pandemic.  

Understanding which client companies will recover or have already recovered, and who is not a secure prospect, is critical to protecting and advancing your business.

In addition to the industry, McKinsey says the country and its economy are also important for recovery from the Corona crisis. Some countries were hit hard initially but have resilient, advanced economies. The level of digitalization and medical care can also be crucial. Against this backdrop, knowing the situation of your client companies can create completely new opportunities.  

However, knowing about efficient companies and potential customers requires a huge amount of data. To manually and manually optimize and update your CRM system would require a lot of time: every business activity of all potential customers, their subsidiaries, the situation of their industry, changes in management and current efforts.

Automation as a Solution for Huge CRM Data Volumes

Updating your CRMs approach through automation not only allows you to catch up on missed research and updating of customer data, but also gives you an edge over the competition. By staying ahead of the curve, knowing and understanding the situations of your (potential) customers, you can better tailor your offer to them, identify potential risks to your own business early on and create an optimized customer journey.  

This proactive approach helps you to identify valuable business leads, cross-selling opportunities and loyal customers.

Automation can help to aggregate data from a wide range of channels and then make it available in a structured and just-in-time manner. Not only can data be acquired from the company's own communication with customers, but data from publicly accessible media can also be included in the analysis. The automation collects all this data autonomously and a linked, automated reporting ejects the relevant data. In this way, you recognize potentials and dangers without having to spend a lot of time manually collecting all this information.


  • Keep up to date with the changes of your clients
  • Remove duplicates and closed companies
  • Help your sales team identify the best opportunities for new leads and closings through your CRM.
  • Centralize and streamline your data and business processes by collecting all data and running it once into the CRM.


  • Act on the basis of outdated data from CRM
  • Steal valuable time from your sales team by approaching leads and customers without good prospects.
  • View your CRM as static: Automated updates allow your CRM to always be up to date.


What's more, this process is seamlessly integrated and updated: so you have more time for everything that really counts in these turbulent times: Sales, personalized targeting and growth.  

Automation in general and of your CRM in particular will help you to secure and advance your business, also and especially in the current crisis. Together we find individual solutions that are flexible and scalable.

Automate. Improve. Be successful.

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