Airtable vs. Seatable

Airtable vs. Seatable

There is no doubt: the modern work environment is changing faster than ever before. With millions of employees working remotely and dozens of companies venturing into the online world, the need for high-quality, professional digital workflow tools is increasing. As expected, this has led to a surge in technological breakthroughs worldwide, with dozens of online solutions being released in recent months.

SeaTable and Airtable are among the most popular solutions for many companies, both conventional and decentralized. These modern tools advertise an optimized approach to spreadsheet and data entry, among other features. Nevertheless, you might be wondering which program is best suited for you and your operation: with so many factors to consider, the decision can be a bit dauting.

We compare the two options and help you make the best possible decision!

SeaTable: An Overview

SeaTable, most often compared to Excel, is a data organization tool designed to accommodate a variety of business information, including emails, checkboxes, links, images, documents, and more. While its extensive storage capacity alone is cause for celebration, perhaps the most valuable feature of the tools is that it can be fully edited through the user's web browser.

Within the project management tool industry, SeaTable is relatively new, having been founded in 2020. The company presents the spreadsheet view as the focal point of its software and argues that it's a simple and adaptable project management solution. However, at 3 years old, the platform has been downloaded over a hundred thousand times, making it a real competitor in the market.


What features make SeaTable a successful choice for so many people? Here are a few notable examples:

  • Intuitive, Smart Spreadsheet: With its rich capabilities, you can easily manage and structure your data so that tasks, ideas, and projects stay well-organized and comprehensible. Moreover, while flexible column types handle diverse data formats including text and numbers, tables and bases preserve coherence.
  • In-browser JavaScript Editor: Personalize and improve your experience directly from your browser, with capability to execute changes in real time and implement features that suited to your needs.
  • Free Account Available: It allows you to manage your data for free. Its sophisticated features are available for both individuals and teams, and you may explore them without having to pay one cent.
  • Modern & Clear Design: Enjoy an eye-catching, pleasing and intuitive interface that has been built with modern aesthetics and simplified layouts to improve data management productivity and usage.


Although you should always evaluate the capabilities of new software first, pricing also plays an important role in deciding whether it is suitable for you. Let's look at SeaTable's current monthly rates:

Airtable: An Overview

As a direct competitor of SeaTable, Airtable is another digital tool designed to help businesses and other operations avoid the drawbacks of using spreadsheets as databases. As the description suggests, the platform allows users to store complex data – as well as their relationships – in a manageable channel to improve their workflows. With these features, a company can organize a large amount of information more easily than ever before compared to traditional tools like Excel.


Airtable's developers have developed several enticing features, including:

  • User-Friendly: With its drag-and-drop simplicity, its interface designer makes it simple to create and share personalized interfaces that can be tailored to specific processes.
  • Different Views: It provides a variety of perspectives for improved productivity and organization, ranging from List to Timeline, Kanban to Gallery.
  • Several Customization Options: Adapt interfaces and authorizations to the requirements of your team to guarantee effective data access and communication.
  • Plugins and Integrations: Integrate tools that you already love, such as automation and interface designer, to streamline processes and increase productivity.
  • The Free Plan is Amazing: The interface designer, a crucial tool for creating unique interfaces without coding, is included in Airtable's free plan, which offers an infinite number of bases and data.


Let's now look at the pricing options. Currently, there are the following monthly tariffs:

Airtable vs. SeaTable: Which is the best choice?

Ultimately, both SeaTable and Airtable are a compelling choice for any modern business. Their features are designed for maximum employee productivity, collaboration, and – most importantly – intuitive data management. However, there are a few aspects that each solution fulfills better than the other. To help you make your decision, we list some considerations for you.

Final Considerations

Airtable and SeaTable have shaped the market for data management software since their inception. In conclusion, companies need to thoroughly examine their needs, capabilities, and expectations to decide which option best suits their goals. If you're still unsure which tool to use or want to learn more, feel free to contact us here.

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